Upcoming Trainings

Upcoming Trainings offered:
Adult First Aid/CPR/AED/Preventing Disease Transmission - 
 call for dates and times.  Cost is based on number of participants.
Ohio Concealed Carry Training - 

Saturday April 5th,  8am - 8pm

Saturday August 12th, 8am-8pm

Contact us for further information

  cost is $100.00 per participant or 75.00 each for 2 paid participants
CCW course - includes NRA basic pistol course, taught by NRA Certified Instructor Drason Sillin. 
Please bring your secured firearm and 200-300 rounds of ammunition. 
Enjoy an indoor classroom, private outdoor covered range, all in one location, refreshments provided. 
Class is located just outside of Newark, Ohio, near Hanover. 
Advanced weapons techniques and self defense 
cost $125.00
You must have completed a basic CCW course to participate in this class.
This 6 hour course will change how you think about self defense and personal protection!
Class is located outside of Newark, Ohio, near Hanover. 
This class teaches mindset and awareness, hand to hand combat techniques, and offers advanced pistol training. 
Participants must be able to walk, stand, and be in reasonable health.
Class size is limited and this training is offered by request.
Understanding "The Gift of Fear" 
Self defense and Awareness training - Cost  $75.00
This class is offered on an ongoing basis - when we have 15 registrants, we will offer the class on a Saturday morning.  
No fees are paid until the date is set.  This class includes a paperback copy of the book The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker. 
Many of the concepts taught in this class - will go hand in hand with this book.
Space in all classes is limited, contact us today to RSVP or for more information.