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"I just wanted to say thank you for the class. You made the class very interesting and it did not
Seem like we were there that long. The time flew by!!!! You are an excellent teacher." ~ Marci
"Knowledge of the laws is very helpful.  Your class was informative and fun.  THANK YOU." ~ Tim




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We recently learned that some individuals are paying other CCW training companies an additional fee for “photo identification"

This is supposedly for the individual to supply for the Sheriff's office in order to obtain their Concealed Handgun License.

ONLY a state issued photo ID (such as your driver's license) is accepted as identification to apply AND an instructor CAN NOT take an application for you,

In addition your picture MUST be taken by the Sheriff's office, for your license, and they are the ONLY entity that can grant a license.

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A local range is requiring the serial numbers from all weapons used to qualify during their CCW course.
One man was instructed to bring in all of his hand guns so that the serial numbers could be recorded.